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"Ophelia in the Bathtub" - Angel Rust (Issue 15)

"Mnemosyne, Missouri" - Superstition Review (Issue 29)

"Your Local Giant Eagle Grocery is Proud to Serve You In The Event of the Apocalypse" - HAD

"There Are 206 Bones in the Human Body and To Love You Only Requires Most of Them" - No Contact (Issue 22)

"Runner" - Archipelago: The Allegory Ridge Fiction Anthology (June 2021/Volume 3)

"Forest Fire" - Stork Magazine (Spring 2016/Issue 21)

"Everything Is Temporary" - Concrete Literary Magazine (2015)

"A String Quartet as Given to Robots" - Stork Magazine (Fall 2014/Issue 18)

"The Gold Weaver's Daughter" - Gauge Magazine (Spring 2014)


Creative Nonfiction

"Atom Bomb, Baby: How Fallout 4 Did Not Adequately Prepare Me for the Apocalypse" - The Offing

"Apocalypse Then" - Cleaver Magazine (June 2016/Issue 22)


"I Find the Cure for My Auto-Immune Disease in the Grocery Store Check-out Line" - mutiny! (July 2022/Issue 5)

"Killing In The Name Of" - JMWW 

"Clap, The Blind Men Bleaching" - the underground (2014/Volume 14)

Craft Essays and Reviews

"How Surrealism Can Bring a Spark to Your Writing" - Writer's Digest (November/December 2021)

Review of BLISS MONTAGE by Ling Ma - The Journal (November 2022/Issue 46.1)



Venetian Blue and Other Obscene Colors - Wilde Press, 2015 

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